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5 Visual Treatments that Improve Accessibility
Nngroup.com · 2022-12-04 5 min Summary: To design accessible visuals, account for color contrast, don’t rely on color alone, make interactive elements easy to identify, provide useful alternative text for images, and test your visuals with real users.According to the CDC, 61 million adults in the United Sta
AutomatorWP | The most powerful automation plugin for WordPress
Automatorwp.com · 2022-12-03 4 min The most powerful automation plugin for WordPressAutomatorWP connects your WordPress plugins and puts them to work together.Save time and money automating tasks with no code!Download free!TriggersAdd “triggers” from your favourite plugins to start any automation.ActionsWhen a
24 Plugin per i Siti a Iscrizione su WordPress Che Facilitano le Entrate Ricorrenti
Kinsta.com · 2022-12-03 70 min Si possono fare soldi online? Certo. È facile? Non esattamente. Tuttavia, uno dei modi più redditizi per assicurarsi un reddito passivo è con un sito a iscrizione. E per costruire un sito a iscrizione, è importante conoscere i migliori plugin WordPress per i siti membership.
WordPress 6.1 Accessibility Improvements
Make.wordpress.org · 2022-11-21 7 min Thank you to @joedolson and @alexstine for collaborating to write this post. With WordPress 6.1 around the corner, this post brings together the many accessibilityAccessibility Accessibility (commonly shortened to a11y) refers to the design of products, devices, services, or envi
German Court Fines Website Owner for Violating the GDPR by Using Google Hosted Fonts
Wptavern.com · 2022-11-14 1 min In late January, a Munich regional court ruled that a plaintiff was entitled to injunctive relief and damages of 100 € from an undisclosed website owner for passing on the visitor’s IP address to Google through the use of Google Fonts.Since it is possible to use the fonts wit
Ubersuggest: cos'è e a cosa serve? Social Engagement
Socialengagement.it · 2022-11-12 5 min Vuoi cercare le parole chiave più pertinenti alle tue esigenze? Se questo è il tuo obiettivo, allora devi assolutamente conoscere il mondo di Ubersuggest. Indice argomenti: Cos’è Ubersuggest? Ubersuggest si conferma da diversi anni a questa parte come uno degli strument
Accessibility | MDN
Developer.mozilla.org · 2022-11-12 3 min Accessibility (often abbreviated to A11y — as in, "a", then 11 characters, and then "y") in web development means enabling as many people as possible to use websites, even when those people's abilities are limited in some way.For many people, technology makes things easier. For
Booking Calendar | Appointment Booking | BookIt
Wordpress.org · 2022-11-10 17 min Description Free Booking & Appointment Management Plugin for WordPress – Bookit Have you ever booked an appointment and went through the hassle of calling and being put on hold? Look no further with the free plugin known as Bookit. This is the only Booking and Appointment
Wordpress.org · 2022-11-08 6 min This is BETA software, see the FAQ to see the current feature set or rather what is still planned.The plugin implements the ActivityPub protocol for your blog. Your readers will be able to follow your blogposts on Mastodon and other federated platforms that support ActivityPub.Th
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